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Fitness Art

CrossFit has been a passion of mine since July 2018. A new gym opened near my home and I gave it a shot! I started going to R.D.T. Fitness & Performance. The owners, Dave and Danielle were (and still are) amazing and helped me make the transition to and the passion for CrossFit grow.

As a thank you, I combined two of my passions (art and CrossFit) to create a series of paintings of Dave and Danielle, as well as the coaches from the gym. That further led me to the painting of others involved in CrossFit and other types of fitness or sport.

I have since added Atlantic County Fitness as a client and below you will see countless paintings I have created for them of their members on holiday wearing the shirt of the gym in various locales around the world.

Below are examples of the fitness art. Please click on the images to have access to all the images of this section.

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